ATRA Books & Pamphlets

2023 Legislative Review

The Legislative Review covers the highlights of the 2023 legislative session and summarizes the bills tracked by ATRA.

Arizona Tax Digest 2023

The Arizona Tax Digest is intended to provide a quick reference of key information for taxpayers and others interested in Arizona’s state and local tax systems.

2023 Tax Rates & Assessed Values

ATRA's Property Tax Rates and Assessed Values is the ONLY document in Arizona to contain all rates and values by jurisdiction.

FY 2021 County Budget Review

ATRA staff annually reviews the budgets of Arizona’s 15 counties to ensure compliance with budget and tax laws. This report includes information compiled during meetings between ATRA staff and county officials and their adopted budgets.

Arizona School Finance 2020

This primer is a thorough breakdown and history of public school finance in Arizona, to include discussions on recent trends and issues. For an ebook, please contact the office!

Arizona Property Taxes (2022 Edition)

The pamphlet was prepared to assist citizens in understanding Arizona's property tax system.