About ATRA

The Arizona Tax Research Association (ATRA) is the only statewide taxpayer organization representing a cross section of Arizona individuals and businesses. Organized in 1940, ATRA is the largest and most respected independent and accurate source of public finance and tax policy information. ATRA represents taxpayers before policy makers at the state and local level. ATRA's fundamental belief is that every governmental expenditure is directly related to a tax. ATRA's goal is efficient statewide government and the effective use of tax dollars through sound fiscal policies.

The "Go To" Expert

ATRA's professional staff of public finance experts provides uncompromised research and information for taxpayers and policymakers. Members also have ready access to ATRA staff for up to the minute information on timely public finance and tax issues.

The Watchdog of Arizona's Tax Dollars

Generally, taxpayers have neither the time nor the expertise to monitor the complicated Arizona public finance system. On a daily basis, ATRA's professional staff scrutinizes governmental activities and expenditures related to taxation policy and procedure. Arizona's extremely complicated state and local government budget and levy limits make ATRA's "watchdog" budget review vital.

Membership with ATRA

Membership in ATRA is an investment toward the efficient and effective use of your taxpayer dollars, and therefore, an investment impacting every individual's and business' bottom line.