Taxes might rise with property values

Green Valley News
Sunday, March 18, 2007
Jim Lamb

Pima County residents including those in Green Valley and Sahuarita have received their 2008 property valuation notices.

And since just about all Pima County property is valued higher than the year before, property taxes will go up although tax rates may actually go down.

The Pima County supervisors set the rates, although they’re somewhat handcuffed on what they can charge due to a recently approved proposition.

Unhappy property owners can appeal their new valuations until April 27, Bill Staples, Pima County Assessor, said.

“The mailed appeals must be postmarked that date or people have until the close of business that day to drop them off” at the assessor’s office, 115 North Church, Tucson, he said.

The new values will be affected by Proposition 101 that voter approved in November 2006. Those values are used to figure property taxes in four cases here, Pima County which includes Green Valley and Sahuarita, the Pima Community College district and the cities of Tucson and South Tucson. Other taxing entities such as school districts or fire districts were not affected by Proposition 101.

Property values went up about 23 percent in the Green Valley area, Staples said.

In slower markets, property values don’t rise as sharply said Pat Arndt, president of the Green Valley Realtors Association.

In a fast market, buyers aren’t inclined to bargain to drive the price down. Slower times mean sellers may be willing to take less.

Under Proposition 101, counties, community college districts, cities and towns can increase the real property values for their taxing base only two percent plus that for new construction.

School districts, fire districts, school districts and others aren’t bound by that limitation.

Russ Symes, incoming president of Green Valley Community Coordinating Council, recently compiled a log of tax values on a piece of property purchased here in 1999.

The property was bought for $124,715 and 2000 taxes were $1,334.14. In 2000, the property was valued at $128,145 and the taxes were $1,441,36. In 2001 the property was valued $139,383 and the taxes were $1,560.94.

In 2002, the property value was $174,505 and taxes paid $1,918.18. In 2003, the property value was $182,505 and the 2004 taxes paid $2,000.80. In 2004 the property was valued at $181,055, a decrease of 0.8 percent and the taxes were $1,941,78.

In 2005, the property value was $201,803 and taxes paid $2,121.70. In 2006, the property was valued at $216,039 and the taxes were $2,140.54.

In 2007, the property was valued at $252,849, and taxes have not yet been compiled.