Republicans seek to curtail property tax breaks for big developments

AZ Mirror
Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Jerod MacDonald-Evoy

Rep. Travis Grantham, R-Gilbert, wants to reduce the amount of time a property can receive a Government Property Lease Excise Tax, or GPLET for short, from eight years down to four years.

“Make no mistake about it…the underlying policy questions still remain and will remain after this bill,” McCarthy said, adding that the tool allows for cities to pick “winners and losers” in economic development.

The conservative Goldwater Institute has sued the City of Phoenix over its use of the tool, claiming it violates the state constitution’s gift clause, which restricts how governments can give incentives to private companies. In 2020, a judge agreed with the Goldwater Institute, saying that a 2016 GPLET deal for an apartment complex violated the gift clause as the benefit was not equal to the tax rebate given by Phoenix.