Executive perks, like massages, at MCCCD rub some the wrong way

The Arizona Republic
Monday, March 21, 2016
Craig Harris

Maricopa County Community College District students have been hit with three tuition hikes since 2012, but that hasn't stopped top system administrators from enjoying increasingly costly perks including deep-tissue massages at a four-star resort, unrestricted spending allowances of up to $32,500 a year, and vehicle stipends large enough to buy a new car annually, records obtained by The Arizona Republic show......

Two MCCCD Governing Board members said they were shocked to learn of the perks. The district's interim chancellor acknowledged more transparency in spending is now needed. However, a district spokesman said the executive benefits and pay are in line with other major junior colleges around the country and are needed to recruit and retain high-level executives.

Documents obtained by The Republic under the Arizona Public Records Law show:

Recently retired Chancellor Rufus Glasper's $408,017 compensation package included at least $55,000 in special allowances in 2015. That included a $32,500 spending or discretionary allowance and a $22,400 auto allowance. Glasper, who retired Feb. 29, previously negotiated his benefits and approved those of his management team. He declined to be interviewed.
At least 19 district executives were given spending allowances of $800 to $32,500 last year. Thirteen had allowances of $9,600 each, and 12 had their allowances roughly tripled since 2012. The largest allowance was provided to Glasper. There are no restrictions on how the funds are spent. A spokesman said Glasper used his allowance to make charitable contributions to other organizations where he's also a board member, and that other executives use allowances for entertainment on behalf of MCCCD. No receipts are required or available to show how Glasper or others spent the money.

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