Public school advocates hold some inequities sacrosanct

Arizona Capitol Times
Thursday, May 25, 2017
Sean McCarthy

It was a surprise and a pleasure to see the Arizona School Boards Association President Tim Ogle weigh in so publicly about his concerns with equitable school funding. On this point, taxpayers and school advocates should be in harmony: Arizona’s outmoded funding formula is ill designed for the 21st century.

ASBA declared their support in this newspaper for a constitutionally mandated “general and uniform” system for K-12 education, where students are funded equitably. They argue that while the recently adopted state budget increased spending on K-12 education, “…it does not do so equally…We are not OK with that.” This turnabout is a welcome sign from a group that said equity was not an issue just last year during the Governor’s Classrooms First Council, and instead declared the state should focus on adequacy, a target which moves like the carrot dangled in front of the horse.

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