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Arizona Capitol Times
Sean McCarthy
Monday, July 21, 2014

The NEA ranks Arizona 29th for school year 2012-13 in average salaries for K-12 “public school teachers.” The Capitol Times article incorrectly reported Arizona at 42nd. When controlling for per-capita personal income, Arizona’s ranking jumps to 14th in the nation.

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Arizona Tax Digest 2014

The Arizona Tax Digest is intended to provide a quick reference of key information for taxpayers and others interested in Arizona’s state and local tax systems.

Event Photos

  • Keely Hitt and Lyn White
ATRA Awards 2013 Outstanding Member
Friday, November 15, 2013

ATRA Chairman Lyn White presents Keely Hitt with the 2013 Outstanding Member award at the Outlook Conference luncheon. Heidi Schaefer shared in the distinction and was presented with the same award.
During last year’s event, Keely Hitt was described as a “rising star” and ATRA completely agrees with that assessment. As the Senior Tax Manager for Circle K Stores, Keely Hitt has placed a very important role in assisting ATRA’s advocacy for sound fiscal policy in Arizona. Keely is a member of the ATRA Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and a regular at both the Tax and Legislative Policy Committees.