SB1113 Require Property Tax Statements Include Tax Information (Leach - 2020)

In 2019, the Legislature passed SB1033, which required all fifteen county treasurers mail
property tax statements to every property owner. ATRA advocated for this legislation
after learning that a handful of county treasurers had ceased sending tax statements to
property owners of mortgaged property. Consequently, the property owner was never
notified of their property tax liability.

Although all county treasurers complied with the new requirement this last tax cycle, one
county treasurer failed to provide any tax information for the various amounts owed to
each jurisdiction taxing the property as other counties. Instead, they only provided the
total amount of tax due. Rather, property owners were directed to logon to the county
treasurer’s complex website to find the taxes imposed by the jurisdictions taxing their

The property tax statement serves as a transparent link between government and
taxpayers. It reflects the final decisions made by the various taxing jurisdictions during
the budgeting process. Property owners should not be told to log in to a website in order
to retrieve information that can easily be printed on the notice they receive in the mail.