SB1066- Financial Audit Publication & Accountability (Pierce - 2015)
If a jurisdiction does not file its financial audit with the Auditor General’s office on or before
the adoption of the subsequent year’s budget, a form as prescribed by the Auditor General’s office
must be submitted in the subsequent year’s budget indicating that the financial audit has not been
In addition, local jurisdictions are not currently required to post their financial audits on their website.
SB1066 requires that the governmental entity post the financial audit on their website within seven
days of filing the report with the Auditor General and the reports must be retained on the website for at
least five years. If the jurisdiction has not completed its financial audit according to the statutory
deadline, the abovementioned form as prescribed by the Auditor General must be posted on the entity’s
website in place of the financial audit until the audit is completed.