HB2011 G.O. Bonds “Net” Levies (Ugenti-Rita - 2017)

The publicity pamphlet that government submits to voters for approval of G.O. bonds outlines an estimate of the annual levy and tax rate necessary to fund the debt service over the term of the bonds. There is no financial justification to stockpile massive sums of taxpayer dollars in a G.O. debt reserve account that is funded annually by the levy of property taxes. As amended in the House, HB2011 will put an end to this abuse by requiring the annual secondary property tax levy to be net of all cash in excess of 10% of the amount required to make the principal and interest debt service payment in the current year. To address the cities that have accumulated reserves well in excess of the amount required to make their debt service payments, session law provides a two-year window to allow a gradual decline for those cities to return those monies to taxpayers.